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Teaching listening using WP

I. Course infomation: Listening

  • Learners: students
  • Level: pre-intermediate
  • Class size: 10- 20 students
  • Aims: By the end of this course students are expected to be able to develop listening skills
  • Requirement: Students are expected to complete at least 80% of assignments and tests

II. Course description 

  • Syllabus
  • Assessment
  • Assignments
  • Materials
  • References
  • Tests
  • Discussion

II. Wordpress roles:

  • Uploading lessons ( audio file )
  • Uploading tasks and assignments
  • Cheking students’ results
  • Discussing with students
  • Uploading the evaluation

III. Why WP used in this context

  • Students can learn and complete tasks using WP.
  •  Instructor uploads the material and the contents of the lesson on WP so students can easily get access to and download them.
  • Students can discuss with peers and teachers.
  • Both students and instructor can involve in the discussion.
  • Parents can keep track of students’results.

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